Adultery online dating

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Her mother later claimed that Florence was ‘a woman of little penetration’, that she had been bullied and denounced by women, including her husband’s female friends and her children’s nursemaid.

Then one of the professional nurses hired during James’s final illness reported that she had watched Florence tamper with a bottle of Valentine’s Meat Juice, a concentrated stock recommended for the nourishment of invalids.

Ten people have been caned for adultery in the Indonesian province of Aceh, where strict sharia law is in force.

The pictures show a man and a woman, who is in obvious distress, being led to a specially erected covered area where they are caned by a masked sharia enforcer, known as an 'algojo'The woman is forced to kneel before her punishment begins, which usually consists of the prisoner being hit up to 29 times for their so-called crime.

People can be caned for something as innocent as standing too close to a partner in public or being seen alone with someone they are not married to.

In 1889 pretty young Florence Maybrick stood in the dock accused of poisoning her older husband with arsenic.

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