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Pentatonix has revitalized this difficult art in recent years, making it extremely popular around the world.

The five part group includes lead singers Kirstin Maldanado, Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, and the beatboxing-bass duo of Kevin Olusola and Avi Kaplan.

We could spend all the time that we were worried about learning how to record, thinking about how everything works [for the album], so that was cool. I feel like it’s definitely a response to how music has evolved.

In the mid-’00s, you could start making music the way that rappers did music, with guitar bands.

Clad in a white t-shirt with “ᖷuck Canser” plastered across its chest, the former frontman of defunct Omaha post-punk band Digital Sex, joined Omaha tribute band Bennie and the Gents in its January 2016 David Bowie tribute show at The Waiting Room.

He took the mic and offered a rendition of the late singer’s “The Jean Genie” just one week after his death.

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It’s not like those bands were crazy popular in the moment anyway.) never had to match; our Friday nights were best spent with the Tanners, the Winslows, and the Lambert/Fosters; and Beyoncé actually a single lady. ), our most precious memories of the decade consist of none other than pop music.Besides the totally mind-blowing yet probably cancer-causing snacks (Gogurt! No matter how cool we all claim to be today, we can't deny there was at least one group/song/lead singer that moved us to tears as we belted the lyrics in our overly-postered bedrooms.You could sit in Garage Band and either do it on your computer, like electronic stuff, or just record a whole record by yourself.That’s something you are able to do now, like [Philly singer/songwriter] Alex G. He just sits in his apartment and does that whole record on his computer and I feel that’s like how music works now. Like five years ago, every band was like a new wave inspired band.

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