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"When we were filming the ending, as we were getting up to that point, we were worrying about the payoff," Campbell admits. It’s a really great ending and I think it’s nice that in these months it’s a ray of hope." is how divisive the audience is," she says — but she can't help but have a soft spot for her character.

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The concept of digital consciousness remains a theme throughout season four, also popping up in episodes "USS Callister" and "Black Museum," and in this case, simulated Amy and Frank had rebelled 998 times out of 1,000 against a system that was keeping them apart.One of the other episodes, "Crocodile," was meant to star a man, but then Andrea Riseborough asked if they would consider her as the lead and they responded by saying: Why not?season 4, this time showing us what might be in store for the world of dating.Among the group, he delivered on that inference with three episodes and "Hang the DJ" is the most hopeful of them all. Though the series has taken on romance in previous stories ("Be Right Back," "The Entire History of You" and, of course, "San Junipero"), "Hang the DJ" embodies the most recognizable of romantic comedy tropes as a commentary on online dating.And it's timely ending is all the more satisfying given the female protagonist's ultimate win against an oppressive system.

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