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It was a great episode to watch — did you watch it back? I was very nervous when it started, but I really loved it. Emelia: It was just incredible to know that you are capable of doing that by yourself; it's not something you ever experience, having to prep 46 dishes on your own.

PS: You all described that service as the best experience of your lives. We were all so nervous going into it, and we'd been planning our dishes all week.

PS: I don't know if this is something I missed at the beginning, but did your dishes have to have a running ingredient theme?

So the mandarins for you, chestnuts for Laura, and apples for Brent?

The standard of food was extremely high, and judges Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan loved Emelia's main of mandarin and chocolate glazed beef cheeks with a Jerusalem artichoke purée (George Calombaris was running the pass), but her dessert of whipped chocolate ganache with a chocolate crumb, fig leaf ice cream and mandarin gel, while still delicious, just missed the mark of being a perfect dish because her mandarin curd hadn't set in time.

It was the only negative feedback any of the six dishes received, and as a result the grand final positions went to Brent and Laura.

PS: Where does your extensive food knowledge come from?

Did you think there were any challenges that were asking for too much?

Emelia: I think that yeah, we were all pretty incredible cooks [laughs], and because of that they had to set these really difficult challenges, and really push us.

So it was just a bit of a challenge that we set for ourselves, really. Emelia: Yeah, all three judges said some really nice things. [Laughs] He was the first to tear up, and it was really nice to see how well the judges know you, and how much they care about you, so that definitely set me off.

PS: You held it together until the end, emotionally. PS: How soon did you start working at The Press Club after the semi?

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