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If you are worried I have my email, either read the current tags or email me. Demon Dean is having too much fun with his new favorite plaything; the pretty brunette.

He had planned on using her till she was worn out and then discard of her, but a defiant act from her, made him change his mind and make her life a living hell for as long as he possibly can. Will she escape her rapist and captor or will she die trying? It’s a spinoff from the original Lecherous Nocturne Excursions.

~Uploads at least once a week~ Bucky's finger traces around his thumb, “I like your hands,” he says, voice dazed, completely irrelevant. The few surviving Reistance members have fled, those remaining are all imprisoned, alongside you or at worst killed.

He's been like that all day, sort of needy like a little kitten. Like his heads caught in a space where he needs something and that's all he can focus on. Hux has been newly crowned as Emperor, and you are presented to a bored Emperor Hux; by Kylo Ren, as a gift.

He was such a fine specimen she couldn’t help but to salivate as she felt her cunt throb in an aching longing for him.

These students get sexually and physically abused day after day.

Before her hands are on Blue, she knows what will happen. Hogwarts is a school for misbehaved boys located in the middle of nowhere.

He was far too young, couldn’t be older than twenty, really – but when he smirked at her like that, how the fuck could she even resist him?

Being an Army brat means that every new town is a chance to start over.

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