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Within an hour, he emerged feeling confident and hopeful with dreams of stardom already taking root in his young mind.And if Christian’s current portfolio is anything to go by, that hour at the drama class has certainly paid off.She was really excellent – there was no way I would mess with her, I wouldn’t last a minute!” At the moment, Christian is taking a well-earned break from filming as he awaits his next role.He remained in that role for seven years while studying for his exams and later left to take on small roles in Casualty, Doctors and later Doctor Who.

It has been established that Westwick's scenes in the show will be re-shot, with Christian Cooke replacing the former "These are serious allegations which Ed Westwick has strenuously denied.As part of his work for the role, Christian reached the pinnacle of fitness after training with one of the country’s experts in martial arts to help him play out his fight scenes.Such was his dedication to the role, that following one particular episode where his character gets trapped in a sewer, Christian almost became hypothermic after a long session in a water tank.For with his boyish good looks and on-stage charisma, Christian is fast becoming one of the country’s most promising young actors, appearing in some of television’s prime time shows including Where the Heart Is, Doctor Who and spoof ITV soap opera Echo Beach.He has already starred alongside such big names as David Tenant in Doctor Who, Sarah Lancashire and Leslie Ash in Where the Heart Is and Jason Donovan and Martine Mc Cutcheon in Echo Beach.

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