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The story of how the Ndebele ended up in Zimbabwe is explained in terms of the impact of the —a nineteenth century revolution marked by the collapse of the earlier political formations of Mthethwa, Ndwandwe, and Ngwane kingdoms replaced by new ones of the Zulu under Shaka, the Sotho under Moshweshwe, and others built out of refugees and asylum seekers.The revolution was also characterized by violence and migration that saw some Nguni and Sotho communities burst asunder and fragmenting into fleeing groups such as the Ndebele under Mzilikazi Khumalo, the Kololo under Sebetwane, the Shangaans under Soshangane, the Ngoni under Zwangendaba, and the Swazi under Queen Nyamazana.

National Flag Day celebrations honor Argentina’s flag, a flag which reminds us of the nation’s forefathers that fought for the independence modern Argentines enjoy and celebrate today.Observing the flag, our gaze is immediately attracted to its center, where we find its most striking feature: a human face wearing a neutral expression inside a gold disc with straight and wavy rays emitting from its center, representing a sun.The sun, named el sol de mayo (the sun of May) after Argentina’s May revolution, which eventually lead to the nation’s independence from Spain, is a national emblem.The Incas worshipped the sun and its life giving power.They believed that their ruler was a direct descendant of the sun, and they built sun temples throughout their empire.

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