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Once you’ve gotten noticed, conversation is the key to securing an in-person date.

When you reach out, “don’t just say hey, hello or hi,” says Justin Lavelle, the chief communications officer for Been Verified — as “approaching someone with one of these boring, traditional salutations will get you a measly response rate.” Instead, ask about their interests after reading their profile: “You’ll have a higher chance of connecting with someone if you use phrase like, ‘curious what,’ …

For Hinge, New Year’s Day 2016 saw a 35% spike in new users.

In 2015, the app saw a 22% spike and a 64% increase in phone numbers exchanged among users.

Hinge said it predicts a surge in new users on Jan.Next year, the New Year’s bump has an added bonus for Hinge: the holiday falls on a Sunday, the most popular day for app users seeking a connection to have a conversation.Hinge found that on Sundays, people have a 36% higher response rate to messages and 20% more conversations.Our Coming Soon plugin contains many useful resources including an ajax subscription form and some awesome icons. Responsive Coming Soon plugin is help you easy create coming soon or maintain page With powerfull panel, you can change all colors, font sizes and you can add more section to show up information about your company (ex: About us, What we do, conatc info like social inks number etc..).Coming Soon Pro This is the lite version of the coming soon Pro plugin.

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