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Here’s a tip, unless he’s in the actually programming and development phase of the game by the time you’ve met him- he’s probably just a dreamer.The older you both are, the more true that statement rings.

I didn’t feel like my personality and looks alone was enough to generate any real interest ).

This isn’t a dig on bigger men as they’re sometimes the most loving and supportive. They may have read a lot as a kid, but rarely do now. So once you’ve exhausted the latest gaming news you’re left to contemplate if everyone else’s boyfriend is this boring.

But add bad skin, greasy hair, breathing problems, and uncontrollable sweating into the mix and…yeah. They all say they want to make/write/animate games but never do. What does a person who takes no interest in anything except games plan on doing with their lives? Except the reality is game development is fucking hard, expensive and lacking a lot of the glamour they think it will bring them.

Don’t get pulled into his fantasy about how he’s going to eventually hit the big time. Unless he actively addresses the treatment of women in gamer culture in conversation, there’s a good chance he’s on other side of the fence. It feels nice at first, getting treated like a princess. To him you’re like a glorious hot chick trophy to be paraded out to his friends, “AND she plays games” he’ll say in the same tone one might say, “AND it has a cup holder”.

Odds are he probably wont make it past drawing concept art. This is a common problem with men raised on a steady diet of “save the princess” story lines. The other side being so impossibly self centered he’d never take those complaints seriously. Enjoy holding in all your farts for the remainder of your relationship.

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