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'Someone got shot in the eye, another to the right [of me] was dead. Phil encouraged Natalie not to suppress her feelings as she recovers and she said 'I appreciate that'.Another woman named Diane said she saw the flash of the gunfire and immediately knew it was gunfire. 'The next thing I know I was laying down and I was turning towards my girlfriend and then I turned towards another girlfriend and it was just this girl laying there dead next to me.Via telephone, email or pop-up ads, scammers typically tell their targets that a virus or some other security problem has been detected on their computer and offer to fix it.

'Oftentimes in an emergency room you'll see patients demanding care. But that's not what you're seeing in this trauma unit.

Consumers need to be constantly on guard against a widespread and growing tech-support scam that can take over victims’ computers and drain their savings, fraud expert Amy Nofziger of AARP Foundation warned a national television audience.

“These con artists are skilled at tricking people into believing they are a legitimate support tech from a reputable company,” Nofziger said on “The Dr.

'At this point, I keep telling myself that we're thankful and I'm so glad that we made it out alive,' she says, tearing up.

'Because it could have been so much worse.'One woman that Dr. The woman named Natalie says at first she thought she had been shot twice, but later learned that she had only been struck once.

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