Facetime hookup

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Currently in a long-distance relationship (LDR), Lopez has had a very different experience than many on campus.From the survey, only 14 percent of students consider themselves to be in a LDR.If you’re unsure of the pros and cons of each type of social situation, consider Gomez’s advice: “Look for someone who makes you smile.” No matter your style of meeting people or maintaining a relationship, you should be happy, and many people are.Seventy-one of 100 surveyed students considered themselves happy with their current social lives. If you’re wondering, I kept my promise to stay open-minded.Freshman Andrew Gonzalez ‘20 has two LDRs under his belt, one from high school and one currently.Even though he has prior experience, Gonzalez still finds maintaining a technology-based relationship very difficult.

Of 100 freshmen who took it, only six shared my rather black-and-white belief that Stanford students don’t date at all.

Both boys recognized miscommunication as a potential cause for a relationship ending (especially during first quarter, with acclimation to the college life), but they said this should not deter a couple from trying one out.

In the article emailed to me, I read about the struggle of making LDRs last until Thanksgiving.

As Long calls it, “Breaksgiving” is a sad week in November dedicated to figuring out a rocky relationship.

Unlike Gomez and Gonzalez, one female freshman has an alternative perspective when it comes to LDRs.

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