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Still, it doesn’t completely account for why French, in particular, is the most popular among almost of the survey’s respondents.There’s another possible reason that seems more likely, but is a tad uglier.

But next time you’re turned on by someone with an English accent, maybe ask yourself if it’s because you really like the person, or if it’s just that you’ve seen a few movies with Idris Elba in them.It can even help explain why Spain chose Italian, because Italian is closer to Spanish than French is.An article in Mental Floss attempted to figure out exactly what it is about the French language that attracts others.Therefore, it may be an advantageous manipulation on the part of males to lower their voices in order to obtain females with greater mate value.’Another finding was that people altered their voices when speaking to different people and in different situations.The report said: ‘Women’s voices sound more competent when speaking to their bosses rather than their subordinates or peers whereas men’s voices sound more competent when speaking to their peers.‘Individuals also tend to raise the pitch of their voices when attempting to deceive another person.

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