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And of course very young children may be kissed but even then very little physical validation is offered to youngsters.

Just how deeply does being shamed run regarding public affection and kissing?

You can suggest that you marry in China instead of upon your return home to the west.

Showing Public Affection & Kissing Your Chinese Girl If you decide to kiss a Chinese woman keep the following tips in mind so as not to offend and/or cause embarrassment for her, her family or yourself.

Sadly the girl was shattered believing she had brought such shame to her family despite having done absolutely nothing wrong at all. Apparently they do but since it is so frowned up to the point of bringing shame to one’s family, many Chinese women do not have much experience with basic affection, let alone the art of kissing.

Those who gave themselves up to the middle class dreams are the lost generation. Do not try to reason with us, because it will not work. Our space missions are baptised by Russian Orthodox Church and even though we are very good in maths, we are certain that to do the impossible you need to believe in it, even if against all the odds...

By the way, if you drink with us, you'll have to drink as much as we do, or we will be offended. We think that a sudden change from communism to capitalism has something to do with it, but this topic deserves a more thorough exploration.

The only smart explanation that can be proposed here is that some of us jumped too deep into capitalist world, while some stayed too far behind. It's not because we're bad - we just like everything extraordinary.

Affection and intimacy including kissing, in Chinese culture is primarily reserved for the sanctity of marriage.

She may even expect you to delay any form of intimacy with very little, if any affection at all until the wedding.

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