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School is important and you need to go.” It was the same answer mom gave every time Amy asked to stay home. And you’ve got to pass fourth grade to get into fifth. ” “I know all that, Mom,” Amy said, almost whining with frustration. There really IS something in here.” “Well, maybe it’s just a little mouse and if it is, it won’t hurt you. She lay there in bed quietly thinking about the sound, about Mrs. When the police got involved, they did a full investigation. ” Her mother came right up and together they stood in the middle of Amy’s room, silent and still, as they both listened. “Amy, I know you don’t want to go to school tomorrow, and I’d love to let you stay home, but you need to go. “You’ve got to get a good education, sweetheart, and even though third grade might not be so much fun, you’ve go to pass it to get into fourth grade. Mom expected her to be downstairs within ten minutes now and Amy knew not to make her mom yell twice. ” Amy, blonde hair matted from sleep, sat up in bed and rubbed her blue eyes. Intrigued by the electronic statements, I placed a call to Penn-Oh-West Maps in Pittsburgh to check on the availability of Antarctic projections. ANSMET stands for ANtarctic Search for METeorites, and has been funded since 1977 by the NSF.The storeowners response was startling: It was found by a team of meteorite hunters from the ANSMET program, which is sponsored by the Polar Programs Office of the U. It is nearly certain that ALH 84001 is from Mars, even though people have never been to Mars and no rocks have ever been collected on Mars. Amy got to finish the story she’d been reading the night before in the yellow-covered Reader’s Digest book, which she was happy about. The guy died in the well after being lured there by that voice. Since her mom worked some very long and unusual hours, it was good to spend that time together. This time, she got off the bed and looked under it. Several days later, Amy found herself in her room again, sitting cross-legged on the bed with lap-desk and homework on her knees. Sterling’s mood hadn’t improved and she’d started being downright mean to Amy. She had started to get more wrinkles on her face, and her eyes had gotten stony. Sometimes it was there,” she pointed to one side of the room, “and sometimes it was there,” pointing to the other. Fearless, Amy flicked on her light, got out of bed, and went to the closet to see if she could find the source of the sound. When she thought she had the sound cornered, it would suddenly start up on the other side of the room! She snagged her little green flashlight and got out of bed to look. The investigators would also never know there was now one new little porcelain mouse on a small doily on the sitting room table.

He followed the voice to a well deep within a forest near his house… At first, her mother had been unsure about letting Amy read the book, thinking – because it was about a school for witches and wizards – that it was evil, or had bad things in it which Amy, at eight years old, might not be ready for. This one she’d read many times but she was so fascinated by the world it created in Amy’s head that she reread it frequently: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. She pictured herself like her favorite character: Hermione. Then her mother shooed her upstairs to take a bath and get ready for bed. Sterling just said, “Nothing you need to worry about,” and went back to watching television. A sound like she’d never heard before, but it seemed similar to when her cousin’s dog, Tippy, came over her nails tapped on the hardwood floors. Amy turned her attention to the sound, trying to pinpoint its location, but she was unable. Her mother asked about Mary Kate and how she’d treated Amy that day. Unfocused, Amy began to hear scuttling noises in her room. ” “Yes,” her mother replied, surprised Amy remembered. It all happened so fast Amy barely had time to take a breath. The next morning, Amy’s mother hollered up the stairs, “Amy! Get your butt out of that bed and come down for breakfast.” Ten minutes later, when Amy’s mother had heard no movement from upstairs, she went up to light a fire under her daughter and get her moving. So, when she found Amy’s room empty, the bathroom unoccupied, and all of Amy’s school things still in the same place as the night before, she not only was concerned, she was terrified.

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