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“Patent Décor” is distinguished by various 3D versions that create a sophisticated two-tone finish as well as a collection free of harmful substances, making it a worldwide market leader in the area of paintable wall coverings with a non-woven foundation.Ecological awareness is a central concern for Marburg as a company; the models meet highest environmental standards and the manufacturer has even created a range of new Marburg wallpapers that protect against radiation and electric smog.Besides the wood and stone imitations, you'll also find designs with strictly symmetrical dots or large scale structures in natural colors which turn every wall into an eye-catcher.The non-woven wallpapers of the collection „Homestory“ by Marburg are designed for all those, who would like to create a resort in their own four walls to get away the hectic daily routine.Sie sind eine Hommage an ihren größten Hit „99 Luftballons“: In wunderschöner Schrift gestaltet, ist der gesamte Text des Liedes abgedruckt – passend zu den Farben der Kollektion. The „Estelle“ collection by Marburg is for all those who like to decorate their home with small, precious things, love something out of the ordinary in the background and value elegant and modern designs.Floral patterns, abstract and modern designs as well as filigree patterns in beautiful colors make this collection something special.Nature in all its beauty has been the inspiration for the "Attitude" collection by Marburg which presents wood and stone in exceptional quality.

The Marburg wallpaper factory manufactures non-woven wallpapers, paper wallpapers, satin wallpapers and vinyl wallpapers since more than 160 years in Germany.Sophisticated design wallpapers by Luigi Colani, Karim Rashid, and Dieter Langer combine excellent designs and high-quality materials, so that you will find a rich diversity that surely ideally reflects your individual decor, decorations, and arrangements among the Marburg collections!From the shockingly modern “Attitude” collection and the graphically informal “Gina's” to the elegant and refined “Messina,” Marburg wallpapers reflect a broad spectrum of harmonious interior design.Marburg distinguishes itself from its competitors through technical developments, creativity, and diversity.The production of the first non-rapport wall coverings as well as the production of the first non-woven wallpaper was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of the old-established company.

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