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(I never understood the point of all those fancy start-and-stop vibrations, anyway.)But then, he lost the connection. ""Oh, sorry, I lost the connection."This repeated a few times before I gave up and decided to control it myself.And then I had to pause what I was doing to invite him again. But hey, the cybersex we had via video-chat was still fun!Later in the day, to underscore his seriousness, the hacker followed up with another email threatening the victim: “You have six hours.” This victim knew her correspondent only as [email protected], but the attacker turned out to be a talented 32-year-old proficient in multiple computer languages.

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That is, I felt connected (no pun intended) to my partner in a way that's rare with solo play.

When the victim opened the email, she found sexually explicit photos of herself attached and information that detailed where she worked.

Following that were details of her personal life: her husband and her three kids. The demand made this hack different: This computer intrusion was not about money.

O., I totally recommend just video-chatting with your partner while you masturbate.

An old-fashioned vibrator or your hands will probably get the job done just as well. Since this toy has such an unreliable connection, there's absolutely no way I'll accidentally end up in the throes of sexual pleasure during a business meeting as Katherine Heigl's character did. UPDATE: We-Vibe sent us some tips to troubleshoot connectivity problems.

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