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Cruzeiro's first group match was against Grêmio in Belo Horizonte.

Cruzeiro lost 2-1, with their goal scored by Aílton. The Peruvian team won by 1-0, and Cruzeiro lost its third game in the tournament, with a few chances of classification to the next stage.

Cristal's first group match was against their rivals Alianza, in Lima. Cruzeiro second group match was on the road against Alianza Lima. Sporting Cristal third group match was in its home ground too, now against Grêmio, and winning again by 1-0.

Many clubs playing in the Primera División, Segunda División, and district leagues of San Martín de Porres were among the many tenants the stadium had.

In Cruzeiro's last match of group play, they played host to Sporting Cristal, whom they beat 2-1, goals by Alex Mineiro and Reinaldo.

Sporting Cristal last group match was visiting Grêmio in Porto Alegre and losing by 2-0.

In the middle of 1995, Sporting Cristal signed an agreement with the Instituto Peruano de Deportes which would lease the stadium to the club.

The club then invested 0 thousand in the stadium for renovations which included grass imported from the Netherlands.

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