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The images may be renamed to the current system automatically, and may be converted to either JPG or PNG. ** URL is "ws:// - Edproxy now downloads the EDSM database.Installation Instructions - Fixed handling of duplicate entries within EDSM nightly json file. * Distance information will now be added into the System event.This is for verification and to prevent that others claim your entry.Releasing version 1.2.1: - New "Settings" or "Preferences" interface!

** Replace "space" with other characters supported. I've been watching,following the forums like a hawk but totally missed this one, my bad. Its a website with a database of currently approx 210 tools,threads,websites,videos for ED.----- Releasing version 1.2.1: - New "Settings" or "Preferences" interface!** It is now easier than ever to setup the netlog path.In 2012 verkochten oprichters Lorenz Bogaert en Toon Coppens hun geesteskind aan de Franse datingspecialist Meetic, die op zijn beurt werd opgeslokt door de Amerikaanse Match Group.Bij de overname werd er afgesproken dat Bogaerts en Coppens nog minstens drie jaar zouden aanblijven, om er voor te zorgen dat de opvolging tot in de puntjes kon worden voorbereid.

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