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An English textbook that my brother newly entered in junior high school brings home. The time when autumn's new animation starts is approaching.| Application Marketing Institute In order not to give money to the criminal of Ransomuuea, it is useless to just "do not pay".- Togetter Summary DSAS Developer's Room: Network emulator made with Raspai (Part 1) I am amazed! In other words, I can listen to Professor Ellen 's voice at listening! Ellen's CV now Of Jl I- Ririya P / (@ Ikimonodarake 88)5th April 2016 Naruse Yoshihisa was the first full bomb at 156 first homerun in total: Nanjiashi Stadium @ N J Summary How many cases have you taken defense obstruction in the past by getting ruined?

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..." to the battle hard - 4[Good news] Voice actor Emi Ogata, stating a great thing good thing | 2channel thread summary blog - alfalfa mosaic On the fact that Megumi Nitta departed from Asahi Performing Arts is a Hell Picture Excess too - Enter101 Chinese daughter diary: There is no fire on Japanese! There was a junior high school student whose mother was a senior as I said at a convenience store earlier and it got really relieved L8d9- City (@ k_ toichi)April 6, 2016The third generation kora is somewhat special. However, the content is completely Ranobet, so we treated it as a daughter magazine between me and my friends because the amount is small. Ols2Mcy Ge- Harry Imperium (@ hary 0916)5th April 2016It is! The Rio Olympic Games generation showed "penetrating" play, and restrained the enthusiastic warfare with Asian champion! J2 Former U-23 Holland representative who supports the leap forward of Machida "Japan love" full of Yon A Ping: footballnet [soccer summary] Kids' Jean Simmons absolutely denies hip-hop: "I can finish rap soon!

Tomoko Yamaguchi's "Life without Births": Asahi Shimbun Digital Cherry blossom seeking Nippon Chinese customers, sharp increase in cherry-blossom season: Asahi Shimbun Digital jp: Monster Grade Crocodile Catches Weight 350 kg Rice Florida Minute remittance to Tokyo University freshmen in the Tokyo metropolitan area at the minimum | NHK News As a result of the survey of the household's burden on freshmen of private universities in the metropolitan area, as a result of the union of faculty staff members, last year's freshmen received an average of 87,700 yen per month as a monthly survey It has been found that the number has become the smallest since the Showa 60th which started.

The average daily cost of living is 850 yen, the lowest amount ever, and the union says "I'd like to seek enhancement of support measures such as scholarships." Interview with Mr. News Development estimate and schedule management - Cookpad developer blog Cookpad, founder formed a labor union with request to withdraw: Nikkei Business Online LINE: Kanto Local Finance Bureau conducts on-site inspection - Mainichi Newspaper Some instruments (tools) used in smartphone game operated by leading free communication application major "LINE (line)" (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) pointed out that it is the "currency" on the game regulated by the fund settlement law Although it was, the company changed its specifications and found out that it had done internal processing so that it would not be regarded as regulated object.

A simple UI high function browser developed by former CEO of Opera"Vivaldi The official version of "has been released.

With the main tab browser features kept down, we have features such as "Speed ​​Dial" in Opera, and it also supports Chrome's extended functions.

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