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In addition to solving problems I do projects, papers and essays.I offer assistance in the following areas, undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels: Accounting Accounting concept Income statement Balance sheet Cash-flow statement Accounts receivable, Note receivable Inventory Fixed Assets, Depreciation Intangible assets Current liability Bond Long-term liability Common and preferred stock Treasury stock Cash and dividends Financial statement analysis Cost accounting, Cost analysis Accounting and management decision Budgeting [email protected] I have saving accounts at Allahabad Bank and SBI at Nagpur. at Mumbai, can I transfer fund amount below Rs 2 lakhs by NEFT from Allahabad Bank branch Nagpur to SBI branch Nagpur from any branch of Allahabad Bank at Mumbai.As you expand storage pools, Storwize Family Software V7.3 also now provides automation to re-stripe data across the pools for optimal performance.Real-time Compression has been enhanced to provide improvements in performance with the delivery of new SAN Volume Controller and Storwize V7000 hardware platforms, including use of the compression accelerator card feature.

Pls also clarify whether NEFT remittances are possible using an outstation Bank Cheque from a non-Home branch.Easy Tier users can now define their tiers making it possible to turn on Easy Tier between more than just solid-state devices and hard disk drives.These Easy Tier capabilities offer more alternatives for optimizing the storage you use.IBM Flex System V7000 V7.2 (5639-NZ7, 5639-EX7, 5639-RE7, and 5639-CM7) has the same software prerequisites as IBM Flex System V7000 V7.1.IBM Storwize V5000 V7.3 (5639-CT7, 5639-XT7, 5639-ET7, and 5639-ST7) has the same software prerequisites as IBM Storwize V5000 V7.2.

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