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The problem is that the higher spiritual truth became obscured as Yeshua was renamed Jesus, and was abducted by the Romans in an attempt to renew the political control of the Emperor over the people of the empire.

Sadly, this has obscured the true accomplishments of Yeshua/Jesus which were so great among mankind, that he became the pattern for all of man as the first of the prodigal sons who so fulfilled the Royal Law of God within himself, that he arose to an Absolute state of Perfection on all three levels of Being -- literally, he was a true holy man who so walked with God, that he manifest God among us.

The original New Covenant scriptures were correct in the assertion that Yeshua/Jesus became the Anointed (Messiah/Christ) at his baptism, and the Son of God at the crucifixion (see Ten ).

Thus, the heresy of the modern Jews and Christians is seen in the fact that as the pattern, each of us must so embrace Messiah/Christ in our lives, that we follow in The Way and fulfill the Royal Law in the same way as Yeshua/Jesus.

The problem is that we cannot even begin to walk the path to our eventual destiny, so long as we consider Yeshua/Jesus to be either just a man in the manner of the modern Jew and unbeliever, or a god in accordance with the Christian tradition.

To rectify this paradoxical quagmire that obstructs our own return to the Edenic Kingdom of Origination (see Of ), what will be presented herein will not only be an answer to the dilemma, but also a means for each and every person to prove the truth for themselves.

But even the more sincere clergy of the modern Church cannot even begin to comprehend how their own Bible can openly condemn the very beliefs that Christians attempt to preach and convert the world to, because they totally lack the foundational mindset to understand the teachings of Yeshua and The Way.

And in like manner, the spiritual disenfranchisement of all three religions -- i.e., Judaism, Christianity and Islam -- is all based upon three major lies that have not only alienated believers from the Truth -- but is the source of the self-destructive conflict in the world today (see The Three Lies).

Because the path of Ultimate Truth lies in the Universal Teachings of The Way -- which teachings having been obstructed by manmade doctrines of belief, and are no longer understood by either Christians or Jews in our present time. The true problem is not whether the Romans or the Jews were right or wrong -- but rather, both were right, and the masses and quasi-secular leaders and priests of both religions lacked the spiritual depth to comprehend the essence of their own respective religions which were equally of a Divine Expression.Because Christians cling to the doctrines of Rome, they are unable to answer many important foundational questions that would permit their thinking to evolve beyond what Paul portrayed as the entry-level doctrines of the simple faith that are elementary in their understanding.And while Paul warns that the (organic) mind of man is incapable of understanding the higher reality of the soul and the Inner Kingdom (see Limitations of Organic Consciousness), -- warning that committed and baptized believers will reject the Mysteries of God as utter -- yet, the modern Church to their own destruction continues to ignore this all-important warning. What enabled him to be able to communicate with the Father?I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe.I will not speak with you much longer, for the prince of this world is coming.

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