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Explore international arrangements for an assurance of supply of enriched uranium fuel, and for the disposal of spent fuel, to reduce incentives for national facilities and to diminish proliferation risks. Work towards outlawing all weapons of mass destruction once and for all Accept the principle that nuclear weapons should be outlawed, as are biological and chemical weapons, and explore the political, legal, technical and procedural options for achieving this within a reasonable time.

Complete the implementation of existing regional nuclear-weaponfree zones and work actively to establish zones free of WMD in other regions, particularly and most urgently in the Middle East.

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Take nuclear weapons off high-alert status to reduce the risk of launching by error; make deep reductions in strategic nuclear weapons; place all non-strategic nuclear weapons in centralized storage; and withdraw all such weapons from foreign soil.

It is time for all to wake up to the awesome reality that many of the old threats continue to hang over the world and that many new ones have emerged.

It is time for all governments to revive their cooperation and to breathe new life into the disarmament work of the United Nations.

Prohibit the production of fissile material for nuclear weapons, and phase out the production of highly enriched uranium.

Diminish the role of nuclear weapons by making no-first-use pledges, by giving assurances not to use them against non-nuclear-weapon states, and by not developing nuclear weapons for new tasks. Prevent proliferation: no new weapon systems – no new possessors.

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