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Alternately, if you use Netscape or some other mail program, you may check its setup to find your SMTP hostname (sometimes referred to as the Outgoing mail server).

Some of the features that Star View provides link into the web.

All colors changed for php,css,xml and html language.

HOW TO INSTALL1) For best results Install the official font: Goto: Tools support in Netbeans IDE.

If it is comes back with binary data, the startup script is the same as the binary location.

If not, scroll down through the script until you find where the netscape program is actually started, typically near the very end of the script. The science only checkbox tell Star View to try to restrict the search results to science data only.

Star View sends its some of its data requests to the archive via encrypted email.

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For site installations the program will inform you that there is an update and ask you to have your system administrator update starview by running the program.To use a more fully featured browser than provided in the Java environment, starview will communicate with Netscape (under Unix, for Mac and Windows it uses the system to communicate with the users default browser).To figure out what to put in the two Netscape environment, first execute to look at this file (those are backwards single quote characters around which netscape).Adds a drop down button to the editor window toolbar.Usefull plugin for Drupal 7 developer, it generate faster an advanced skull of module when you have to create your own module in D7.

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