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Las marcas mencionadas aquí son propiedad exclusiva de sus registrantes.Si considera que parte del contenido informativo afecta sus derechos por favor contáctenos.There's a fifteen-story, elaborately columned office building at 18th Street, an ornate Dutch Renaissance gabled roof, the beaux-arts Solmer Piano Building, and in between a procession of colonnades, pilasters, and tiers. I told them that the form of a building must follow its function," Cameron continues, "that new materials demand new forms, that one building can't borrow pieces of another's shape, just as one man can't borrow another's soul.Howard, every new idea in the world comes from the mind of some one man. " Then, looking out of the ambulance window, the embittered man manages a smile.But there's also the art-deco Squibb Building, built in 1930 by Ely Jacques Kahn, who — though no Roark — had served as Rand's mentor on the architectural profession when she was writing her novel, and whose style she respected.But let's get back to the ill-fated Henry Cameron (played by Henry Hull) near the beginning of the movie.

As seen in the movie, 240 CPS certainly had a few things going for it.Although using the then-innovative construction technique of the hybrid steel "cage" frame, the building's ornate Renaissance style was older by several centuries. "Howard, look at those buildings," exclaims the dying Cameron."Skyscrapers, the greatest structural invention of man, yet they made them look like Greek temples, Gothic cathedrals and mongrels of every ancient style they could borrow, just because others have done it." Flashing by through the ambulance window (here the studio used the technique of moving images filmed on location and back-projected onto a screen on the Hollywood set) is a six-block stretch of real-life highrises along lower Fifth Avenue, most of them dating from around the turn of the century.(For good measure, there's also a sizable chunk of midtown Manhattan miraculously transposed southward to occupy the East River and Brooklyn.) Far less obvious — it's a nocturnal scene — is that, about midway through the movie, Roark's apartment window in his newly built Enright House overlooks upper midtown near the southeast corner of Central Park (again, a meticulous rendering, but for some reason flipped horizontally to produce a mirror image).We see Renaissance and neo-Romanesque skyscrapers such as the Sherry-Netherland Hotel and the Savoy Plaza Hotel.

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