Updating a dated kitchen

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LED light bulbs last for thousands of hours of use. This guide will help you determine where to think about investing your cash for the best resale value. Since it is such a high priority for homeowners, it makes sense to put a little extra money into the room to encourage buyers and gain a higher selling price. Generally, kitchen renovations don’t have a very high return, but some kitchens still need a facelift.The quickest zero-cost fix for most homeowners in the kitchen is to clear the counters of absolutely everything.This instantly makes it look like you have miles of countertop when you may only have a few square feet. Then assess the actual countertop itself: Is it in good shape? Clear it off, clean it up, sand and oil any butcher block, and fix grout issues.

So, you can change the look of a 2-door, 30-inch-by-24-inch cabinet (about 5 square feet of glass) for between and .You’ll need the kind of door with a removable panel.Check the backs of your doors to see if the center panel can be taken out. Yes, the border at the top and the diamond tile backsplash felt a little dated, but there was plenty of counter and cabinet space, and the double oven was an excellent detail.But once we saw the renovation (and learned that Debbie's husband kept accidentally bumping his head into the vent), we realized just what a good idea this remodel was. Not only did Debbie and her husband replace the island counter with one that better suited their needs, but they also rearranged the other appliances in the kitchen.

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