Updating steam power

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Most frustrating, those crashes and streaming issues often require problem-solving on the host PC.An afternoon of testing games on the Steam Link usually means trudging upstairs to my PC half a dozen times to close a pop-up that pulled me out of the game I was trying to stream, restarting Steam after it mysteriously crashed, or closing a game that suddenly refuses to take controller inputs. When I find brilliant mods that improve upon already great games. When I can switch back and forth between a controller and mouse/keyboard on the fly.There are moments where a game just works, and I’m playing it in my living room through a piece of hardware, and it’s great. The good times have been peppered throughout an experience that is consistently frustrating, crash-prone, and seemingly not really ready for a full public release.

Duck Game wouldn’t recognize controller inputs and was impossible to quit; using the Steam overlay to exit the game left it running in the background with menu music at full blast.Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris defaulted to recognizing the keyboard attached to my PC, making it impossible to play with two players using controllers.Dungeon Defenders II opened a web browser when I launched it, which I walked upstairs to close instead of fiddling with the Steam Controller’s mouse support to get the game running again.And even if streaming from Steam OS is more stable, you lose access to the thousands of games only available on Windows.There’s only so much of this Valve can control in Windows.

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