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Whether you’re a Sex and the City fan eager to learn more about your favorite show or a tourist looking for an entertaining way to see Manhattan’s best neighborhoods, the Sex and the City Hotspots tour is a must-do! In addition to seeing the sites from the show, you’ll also have exclusive access to special discounts. Spend time walking through this beautiful area of New York and shop in one-of-a-kind boutiques along Bleecker Street.

(exact location given upon purchase) Cost: Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours tour begins with glamorous Manhattan destinations. Continuing down New York’s famous Fifth Avenue, we’ll people watch, window shop, and catch up on all the latest gossip, from the For a change of scene, we’ll check out Greenwich Village and So Ho.

Far from being a liability, this is a point in our favor. Nevertheless, I've observed my fellow women striving to up the bawdy in all of their post- must've said, "Let's have our characters sleep in their bras and see if it catches on." And it has.

It's now standard practice, even in R-rated movies.

Imagine if, say, Elizabeth Taylor went on the Johnny Carson show and talked about her relationship woes.

Fret no more, my sisters — or rather, men reading this, tell the women in your life not to fret. Here are , Girls' Night was a sort of last resort during which all were quietly understood to be thinking, "Too bad there aren't any guys here." Rarely, if ever, was a Girls' Night, nor its repugnant great aunt, the Girls' Trip, the of most normal women.

was the first to really drive home the women-must-support-each-other's-choices paradigm, and since then, the pressure to cheerily go to everyone's hair jewelry launch party has been on.

These big nights tend to be, at their roots, nothing more than plots to get attention. This is really the one that started it all, and it's the one that, if women were to abandon it, would strengthen them more than all the kale in Portland.

The problem occurs when another woman shifts the balance of attention away from the original woman, causing her to exclaim, "This was supposed to be ! As a rule, grown women should refrain from saying anything that naturally lends itself to a foot-stamp. Publicly crafting yourself as a person who can't find love will not encourage anyone to love you.

You should resist every urge to make your dating horrors into a cottage industry.

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