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For those of you who may not exactly know what bullion is, it is a refined and weighed piece of metal.

In this case, the metal to which we are referring is gold.

Gold is a great precious metals IRA to invest in; prices are getting higher by the year, meaning that you get more money when you decide to liquidate your assets.

In addition, gold is less affected by inflation than traditional IRA assets (such as cash).

Keep in mind that these custodians often charge you a fee, either per transaction or an annual fee.

These custodian firms are not legally allowed to keep the gold in their possession, so the gold that they purchase with your money is stored in a financial institution for safekeeping until you decide to sell or liquidate your assets.

You tell your custodian what exactly you want to purchase, whether it is gold, silver, bricks, or coins.

One popular question is if you can put gold coins that you already own into your gold IRA account.

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Keep in mind that you don’t have physical control over the account; you only have control over what goes in it.There are different types of gold that are acceptable to put into an IRA account, such as coins, bars, and yes, even bullions.For each of these types of gold, they have to be at least 99.5% pure (though having a purity of 99.99% is ideal), which means that they have to be weighed and graded by a certified professional prior to being allowed to be in the account.The pending question that’s on every IRA owner’s mind is if you can think about gold IRA Rollover. This gold craze is not exactly new, but investors are now more than ever seeing it as a great investment opportunity.Gold is a precious commodity that is a natural resource and has only increased in value over the years.

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