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In fact, XSLT was originally added to XSL to make it easier to transform XML documents into documents that are based on XSL-FO formatting objects.

This book is all about XSLT, but it also provides an introduction to XSL-FO, including how to use XSLT to transform documents to XSL-FO form; after all, XSLT was first introduced to make working with XSL-FO easier.

However, it is recommended that you create a directory with all of the required JAR files to use as a custom library in your project. Form Processor f Processor = new Form Processor(); f Template(file Path); // Input File (PDF) name Enumeration enum = f Field Names(); while(More Elements()) XML Forms Data Format (XFDF) is a format for representing forms data and annotations in a PDF document. XFDFObject xfdf Object = new XFDFObject(); xfdf Object Stylesheet(new Buffered Input Stream(new File Input Stream(xsl Path))); // XSL file name xfdf Object .append XML( new File(xml Path1)); // XML data file name xfdf Object .append XML( new File(xml Path2)); // XML data file name print(xfdf Object String()); FOProcessor p1 = new FOProcessor(); p1XLIFF(xliff);// set xliff file, which is generated from RTFProcessor p1Data(xml); // set data file p1Template(xsl); // set xsl file p1Output(pdf); p1.generate(); The RTF processor engine takes an RTF template as input.

This will help prevent unexpected errors after deployment. XFDF is the XML version of Forms Data Format (FDF), a simplified version of PDF for representing forms data and annotations. The processor parses the template and creates an XSL-FO template.

This is the home page for the Open Source SAXON XSLT processor developed by Saxonica Limited.

It also provides information about commercial versions of the Saxon product available from Saxonica. Documentation for the current release of Saxon is available online at Users have reported that it also works on Mono, but we do not run tests on this platform.

This is a supplemental template to define the placement of overflow data. The unicode bidi controls and manages override behavior.

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This book is your guided tour to that world, which is large and expanding in unpredictable ways every minute.To get started, this chapter examines both XSLT and XSL-FO in overview.If you are using Oracle JDeveloper, then the charting and XML Parser libraries are available to you.There are several editions of Saxon currently maintained: Saxon 9.8 on Java requires Java 6 (also known as JDK 1.6) or later. Source code for Saxon-EE is not available (except to Saxonica development partners).The commercial Professional Edition from Saxonica, supporting XSLT 3.0, XPath 2.0 and 3.1, and XQuery 3.1.

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